6 Emergency Supplies You Should Carry Every Time

You should be prepared for any emergency if you have to drive on lonely roads in harsh weather conditions. Driver Education in Calgary covers everything. You are not only taught about controlling the steering and applying brakes. Learning to drive means knowing about the vehicle as well. You should be prepared every time to face any difficult situation, anything can happen, and your car may get stalled.

Here is a list of 6 emergency supplies you should carry every time –

Tool Box

Whether you need to change the flat tire or oils, you would need a toolbox which includes pliers, cutters, road flares and wire screwdrivers etc. So, keep it with you.

First Aid Kit

It will help you to get treatment in case of injury. Hope you never need it, but in fact, if you get injured while changing tires or finding the fault, you will be having a band-aid to prevent any further infection.

Warm Jacket

It is necessary if you are driving in regions with the cold climate like Calgary. If you have to step out of the car, it will protect from cold weather and getting sick.


It is old equipment but, it will help you to find the faults in the vehicle in the night or doing anything you need to do if the vehicle stalls and the battery of your mobile phone is dead.

Spare Tire

You must keep a Spare tire with you especially if you are going on a long route and lonely roads. Only a spare tire and the knowledge of changing the tire is going to help you. You can keep your vehicle on the road even if you don’t find any help.

Extra Fluids

You should keep some extra fluids such as coolant, transmission fluid, engine oil, brake fluid and power steering fluid etc. during the journey even if your car is new. Ask your instructor during Driving Lessons in Calgary about the uses of these fluids and also how to change if you needed.

Calgary Driving Lessons would teach you everything you need to be a good driver.

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