Defensive Driving Course – Need of the Hour

An increase in the density of vehicular traffic inevitably results in ugly incidences like frayed tempers, and irresponsible driving, especially in the upmarket locales like Calgary.

However, at Driving 101, we particularly and invariably emphasize imparting techniques to control reactive behavior behind the wheels which can lead to fatalities.

Driving 101, with its well-designed training programs, aims to make driving the least stressful experience.

But the drivers have the tendency to drive anxiety-inducing activity with our bossy and one-upmanship attitude when behind the wheels.

Therefore in order to address this anomaly, we at driving 101 offer an Alberta Approved driving course called Calgary defensive driving course.

This course is devised to help drivers appropriately respond to a situation on road rather than be driven by default psychological reactions.

We at Driving 101 offer a full-length defensive driving course comprising of theoretical as well as practical on-road-behind-the-wheels training which reinforces driving techniques and maneuvers which are integral for responsible and safe driving.

All drivers should take a defensive driving course. It teaches drivers how to anticipate risky situations and take preventive measures to avoid them. In our simulator sessions, students can rehearse these learnings.

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