Driving Coroneted

We at Driving 101 impart driving lessons as per the Calgary driver training syllabus as promulgated by Alberta Transportation.

Driving 101 conducts Drivers training Calgary sessions in a modified vehicle with dual controls to avoid any possibilities of inadvertent accidents which affect the student’s confidence.

And as you know driving is all about confidence in one’s acquired and practiced driving abilities.

Our experienced and trained driving instructors make sure that the students are properly trained as per the Alberta curriculum. Students are made to practice maneuvering skills until they gain confidence in their specific abilities.

Once you enroll with us for the Calgary driver training course, our instructors will interact with the students and get them to accept that driving is a serious activity that should be carried out responsibly.

Our instructors can teach you to drive in a weeks’ time. But other crucial and critical driving skills we teach, such as foresight, anticipation, alertness, safety and responsibility, maneuvering techniques, is what makes our training thorough, comprehensive, and complete

We know that the learning abilities differ individually.  Therefore, our instructors tailor the lessons to the student needs, helping them to learn at their own pace-a unique feature of our driver training.

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