Driving Test – A Skill Appraisal

Calgary driving test is a process or a measure designed to ascertain the driver’s ability to drive a motorized vehicle, appropriately.

Driving tests exists in different formats across the world with a purpose of approving and certifying the driving skills that the drivers learned at an approved driver training school.

To successfully pass the driving test in Calgary, the driver needs to score positives points on various parameters like proper driving on public roads, maneuvering skills, reverse parking, uphill start, merging and exiting a lane, etc.

Calgary driving test generally has two sections- 1) The Road Test and 2) Theory Test-(written or oral).

The road test is taken to assess a person’s driving ability in normal and constricted road conditions. And the theory test is done to ascertain the said person’s knowledge on driving, road safety best principles, traffic rules, and laws and vehicle operations and maintenance.

Driving test in Calgary is carried out by the competent examiners of Alberta Transportation.

So if one has met the eligibility criteria of the class of license applied for they can book a road test time slots after clearance of dues-fines, etc., if any. Pay the road test fees and take the test.

During the driving test, exhibit pre-driving protocol, drive confidently, observe traffic rules, road signs, use turn indicators, glance into the viewing mirrors at appropriate times, and take over the shoulder view. Follow parking protocol and secure the vehicle.

Drive responsibly-And you have passed your Driving Test.

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