Features of the Best Driving Schools

The best driving school in Calgary is the one that has the latest hardware, and software to train the novice/licensed drivers’ comprehensive manner.

In other words, they will have the characteristics listed below.

  • The latest remodeled/improvised training car models
  • A simulator facility
  • Follow the Alberta approved driver training syllabus
  • Use the latest training methodology and techniques
  • Have a reasonable fee structure
  • They will employ only Alberta certified multi-lingual and friendly trainers/instructors
  • Students and overall safety will be on the top of their agenda.
  • Lastly, they will have Alberta accreditation which is mandatory for driving instructor schools in Calgary.

Driving 101 meets all of the aforementioned standards and parameters for being the best driving school in Calgary in a sufficient and satisfactory manner.

Sensitizing on and reinforcing good driving habits is the very mission of all certified driving schools in Calgary.

Driving 101, being one of the best driving instructor schools in Calgary, not only ensures that its students obtain their driver’s licenses, but also instills a sense of confidence and pride in their driving ability, which is the mark of an accomplished driver.

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