General Requirements to Become a Licensed Driving Instructor

Becoming a driving instructor can be a good source of earning a handsome salary. You have to pass on the expert skills of driving, and your job is done. If you have a knack for driving, the journey of becoming an instructor is easy, you have to get the license following a process. You need to qualify some general requirements to become a Driving Instructor Schools in Calgary Area put by the government listed below –

1. The applicant must have an operator’s license with the condition that it has not been suspended under the Criminal Code of the country for five years immediately before applying.
2. He should have a satisfactory driving record to the registrar immediately before two years of applying.
3. He must be able to provide a criminal record check taken from a municipal police service or RCMP to the Registrar which must be acceptable to him.
4. He must not have outstanding balances or fines with the Service Registries of his province.
5. He must have had completed an approved relevant course from licensed Driving Instructor Schools in Calgary.
6. He should have been an employee of any of the licensed Driving Instructor Schools in Calgary authorized by Alberta Transportation.
7. He should have completed all the training, testing, and documentation recommended by Alberta Transportation.
8. He should have paid all the fees because he needs to show the receipt before receiving the licence.

You need to check the level for which you want to become a Driving Instructor Schools in Calgary Area. Take all the training and apply for the test accordingly.

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