Importance of Driving Lessons

Calgary driving lessons is a formal class or tuition that prepares new drivers to obtain their learner’s permit first and then, the driving license, after the Alberta Road Test.

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) it takes a minimum of 42 hours of driving lessons to learn how to drive and another 22 hours for practice driving.

Hence it is a foregone conclusion that there are no shortcuts to your coveted driving license.

Driving lessons Calgary, classes, besides training the new drivers, it also trains existing license holders for overseas license conversions, a refresher course, or medical assessment driving test.

Practical driving test lessons Calgary prepares the students for the Mandatory Alberta Road Test.

These lessons prepare them for “show me tell me” questions. On-road driving test lessons educate students on safe driving practices and make them practice it so that their skills of anticipation and judgment reach level of perfection which so crucial for the road Alberta Road Test.

Auto car driving lessons Calgary trains the drivers on 1) using the right foot for brake and the accelerator; left foot on the dummy pedal 2) how to start the car, get it in motion and how to control the car’s speed with the gears without stopping the car.

A driver licensed for auto gear transmission car is not supposed to drive manual gear cars and Vice-versa holds good too.

Calgary driving lessons are designed to inculcate finer aspects of driving among the drivers.

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