The Alberta Road Test

Calgary driving test is conducted by the Alberta transportation authority of the region.

Driving test Calgary is meant for both personal driving license and professional/commercial driving licenses.

Calgary driving test, also referred to as a road test has two parts:

1)      The practical: driving the motor vehicle in the presence of an examiner who assesses the driving abilities of the one driving the vehicle, and

2)      Oral/written test: to assess the driver’s knowledge on driving and traffic rules and laws.

Basis one’s eligibility and clearance of fines/dues-if any-the driver has to book/schedule a road test with Alberta transportation either online or in-person by providing the motor vehicle identification (MVID).

While undergoing a driving test Calgary the Alberta examiner seated on the passenger seat observes the driver for his initial actions, how skillfully he navigates the vehicle in a traffic cluster observing road signals, speed limits, and proper turning and parking ability.

Calgary driving test begins with zero points and for every error you attract points; the error could be as follows:

  • Not checking the mirror and absence of over the shoulder look for blind spots.
  • Failure to observe road signs and speed limits of the vicinity.
  • Maneuver incorrect turns and show disdain for other safety, etc.

The driver fails the Calgary driving test if he scores 50 points for class 1-4 driving test and 75 for advanced 5 & 6 classes of license and upon passing, the licenses are couriered to the drivers’ relevant addresses.

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