The All Important Alberta Road Test

The Calgary driving test is conducted by the Alberta Transportation, the licensing authority in Calgary.

Pick up a copy of the Alberta Driver’s guide and study the contents will and that will help driving license aspirants to get a learner’s permit. Reviewing the same at periodic intervals will help you to memorize good driving practices and road and traffic rules.

Secondly, before appearing for the driving test Calgary check the working of the head, brake and signal lights, windshield wipers, mirrors, horn, and all other elements of your car is in working condition. Also, ensure that you carry with you all the necessary documentation required for the road test purpose.

Driving test Calgary is 45 minutes on-road-behind-the-wheels round with the Alberta examiner. During the road test, you may be asked for demonstrate all of the below-mentioned skills; the yield, parking skills, hill driving ability, merging in and out skills, right/left turns, vehicle speeds, etc.

To summarize, the road test examiner assesses the driver’s demeanor, his confidence levels, and his ability, and the ease with which the student driver navigates his vehicle in different traffic and road conditions.

During the course of the road test, every wrong maneuver is awarded points, and if one scores less than 75 such points pass the road test. Thereupon, after paying the license fees, it is couriered to your address.

The most important Alberta road test does is that it validates our newly acquired driving skills which boost the driver’s confidence.

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