The Calgary Driving Test

A driving test is an official assessment of the driver’s competence to drive a motorized vehicle, which, one needs to pass in order to get a driving license.

The Calgary driving test is a 45 minutes on-road and behind the wheels test which is designed to assess the students’ driving skills and knowledge in common day to day driving situations.

Driving test Calgary is conducted by the Alberta Transportation examiners and hence the drivers should prepare and practice appropriately before one appears for the test.

In this Calgary driving test, all the moves of the driver are taken cognize of and rated. These moves include handling vehicle controls and actual handling of the vehicle in motion.

While the driver under observation navigates his vehicle through the traffic at appropriate speeds, the examiner rates the driver’s skills and maneuvering abilities.

The driver is also observed for appropriate cognizance of road signs and signals, parallel and hill parking, right, left turns using over the should observation maneuvers.

On conclusion of the Calgary driving test, the instructor would inform the driver about the test result and or he may get an email notification after the results are uploaded by the authorities.

If the candidate driver has passed the driving test Calgary, one can approach road test deck to complete other formalities and pay the stipulated license fee and get the interim paper license.

And in two weeks’ time, the actual Alberta Transportation license is emailed to the successful candidates.

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