The Efficacy of Calgary Driving Test

Calgary driving test objective is to assess the ability to drive a motorized vehicle confidently like a captain-in-command flies his/her aircraft.

The driving test comprises of two parts 1) The theoretical driving knowledge test and 2) On-road practical driving test and both these tests should be mandatorily cleared to merit a driving license.

Instructors at Driving 101 systematically prepare their students for the theoretical test and well as the practical road test.

The theoretical test consists of questions about road signs, traffic regulations, HOV signs, parking, and other current regulations as outlined in Alberta’s driver’s handbook.

It is mandatory to clear the driving knowledge test prior to appearing for the on-road driving test.

On-road practical driving test Calgary is a must for the newcomers to the city, license conversions, lost licenses, and new student drivers.

Expert driving instructors train the student drivers for the Calgary driving test, which is a 45-minute-or-so practical, on-road driving test in which the driver’s overall driving abilities, including traffic rule observation, are tested.

At Driving 101, we conduct mock road tests to give students much-needed practice and the hang of real-time-real-life situations that unfold in actual traffic conditions.

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