What to Do On the Day of Road Test

You might be nervous on the day of your road test, and it is obvious because now you will be tested for all the preparations you have done in last few months, learnt in the driving school, and you are just a few hours away from the certificate of your independence, opportunities, and success.

Calgary Driving Test includes a written exam and also a practical test which you take to show your driving skills to the examiner. There is nothing to get nervous if you have practiced enough with your driving instructor and if you are fully prepared for all the requirements for the day of Driving Test in Calgary, you will pass with flying colours.

• Be there before 15 minutes before the time mentioned in the test permit.
• You should have a valid test permit to show.
• You should produce a valid Alberta Learners or Driver’s License.
• You should also have a valid identity proof issued by the government.
• Bring your vehicle, and it should be in good mechanical condition.
• Provide valid insurance and registration for your car.
• Bring a rental agreement with your name listed on it if you are going to take the test in a rental car.
• You are not allowed to make anyone sit in the car during the test, not even a pet.

Focus only on the road to pass the Calgary Driving Test, keep yourself calm and cool and the day will be yours.

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