Calgary Driving Test – Your Competency Audit

We at Driving 101 are committed to training driving students how to drive a vehicle carefully keeping in mind and adhering to the traffic rules regarding speed limits, parking, zebra crossing, etc., and help avoid common vehicle driving mistakes.

Calgary Driving test comprised two parts.

Part 1 is a written test to ascertain students’ understanding of road signs and signals, parking rules, and other traffic restrictions in force.

Part II is a 45-minute, unassisted behind-the-wheel driving test that assesses the student’s theoretical understanding of driving as well as their actual driving skills.

A practical driving test evaluates a student’s competence and degree of confidence behind the wheel.

Our experienced driving instructors help them gain confidence and competency through an individualized training plan that allows them enough sessions of city driving and driving on highways too which helps them to reinforce anticipation skills and required safety maneuvers to avoid mishaps.

Additionally, the driver education offered by Driving 101 assists students in becoming competent, conscientious, and cautious drivers.

Driving 101 places a strong emphasis on safe driving in order because there is no room for a “trial and error” way of learning here.

We teach driving as an art form!

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