Calgary Driving Test

Calgary driving test is a 45 minutes basic road test. It is designed to evaluate the driving skills and examine the driver’s knowledge of normal and varying driving conditions.

Driving test Calgary is stringent and demanding and therefore, one has to prepare for the test in right earnest.

It is pertinent to note that the students, before one appearing for the Calgary driving test, read the driver’s guide to familiarize with the road rules and Alberta Transportation’s “preparing for your road test” guide-that makes one confident enough for the ensuing road test.

While the “learner” practices and prepares for the driving test, he/she can apply online or in-person for the test, pay the required fees and book a time slot for the test.

All road tests are carried out by the presiding Government of Alberta employees. The driver examiner would take the passenger seat and give directions and rate the driver’s skill and attitudes.

Once on the driver’s seat for driving test Calgary, the driver is expected to demonstrate all his driving skills, appropriately observe and follow all the road signs and speed limits.

After the conclusion of the Calgary driving test the student drivers may be intimated about the results by the examiner and or the same would be mailed to you.

Having passed the driving test Calgary, one proceeds for the eye-test and to pay the fees for new license.

You are then handed out a paper license-without the photo and the actual license would arrive at your residential address.

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