Defensive Driving Course – Raises Drivers Competency

Driving 101, the reputed driving school in Calgary reiterates and reinforces the idea that controlled speeding is only appropriate on racing circuits. Our student drivers are taught that driving on high roads and in cities should be courteous and cultured rather than carefree and reckless.

Hence, besides training driving students on what well-mannered and good etiquette of driving is, Driving 101 formalizes this attitude in a driver with the Alberta-devised course call Calgary defensive driving course.

Despite Calgary’s high ranking as one of the greatest cities in the world for driving, it still has the usual drawbacks and limitations, such as bad weather, black-ice, traffic jams, detours, etc.

These circumstances are known to agitate drivers, causing them to drive erratically.

Defensive driving training tempers drivers against these problematic traffic scenarios and psychologically prepares them to deal with adverse traffic situations with care and alertness.  

The Calgary defensive driving course consists of both academic and practical lessons. The course curriculum has been designed to encourage time-tested norms and procedures for responsible and safe driving.

The training seeks to produce competent drivers for society/family and the country as a whole.

Defensive driving makes driving more enjoyable!

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