Road Safety – The Corner Stone of Professional Driver Training

Driving 101, a professional driving school in Calgary, is able to identify risky tendencies in its driving students as well as their psychological tendency to want to learn too much, too quickly.

Our expert driving instructors foresee dangerous psychological tendencies lurking in their driving students’ minds.

And therefore, Calgary professional driving school instructors create individualized training routines for their students that take into account their cognitive tendencies, personality traits, and aptitude for learning.

Professional driving training Calgary, as a practice, repeatedly emphasize, reiterate and impress upon the driving students the need to rein in their minds and be very patient when behind the wheels.

Professional driving schools in Calgary or elsewhere always place a high priority on developing than on teaching the mechanics of driving. They believe, and rightly so, that driving is more of a mind game than a mere physical driving act.

Driving 101 trainers prioritize imparting anticipation skills which help to avoid possible life-threatening mishaps and jeopardize road safety on all kinds of road, traffic, and weather conditions.

Additionally, we make sure that students practice safety procedures on the simulator installed in many of our training centers.

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