Three Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Calgary Driving Test

Planning to take a driving test in Calgary? Here are some things to know if you are interested in a Class 5 Basic GDL driver’s license.

What to Expect

The test for a Class 5 Basic GDL driver’s license is quite challenging and designed to test an examinee’s driving skills and knowledge in a range of common driving situations. During the test, the examiner will give clear instructions for every activity and examinees have to act accordingly. You can expect to encounter a variety of traffic signals, make both right and left turns, adjust speed according to posted speed limits, change lanes, drive through at least one playground or school zone and demonstrate parking skills without using parking assist.

How to Prepare

A Calgary driving test is not to be taken lightly if you want get your Class 5 Basic GDL driver’s license. Preparation is key and experts recommend taking driver’s education from a certified driving school. From comprehensive course packages that include theory knowledge, in-vehicle training and mock tests to exclusive customized refresher courses with one-on-one instruction from qualified instructors, professional driving schools offer a wide variety of options.

Get Expert Guidance

One advantage of taking driver’s education from a professional driving school is that you get to hone your practical driving skills in a late model vehicle with an expert instructor by your side. Not only will you pick up valuable tips to become a confident, responsible and defensive driver, you will also get feedback on your present driving capabilities and areas to focus on to pass a driving test in Calgary.

Be better prepared and increase your chance of success at a Calgary driving test by taking a driver’s education course with a leading Calgary driving school.

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