A Day of the Road Test

Those who want to take the controls of their life write learning how to drive in their to-do list and the day of getting the driving licence is a big day for them. To see your photo and name on the licence, you have to pass the Driving Test in Calgary. Here is the guide of the day of the road test.

First of all, the examiner would do the vehicle check. He will also need your assistance as you will remain on the driver seat, and you will be asked to turn on/off the signal lights, brake lights, horn or adjust the steering. He will also ask you to describe and demonstrate any of the instruments or controls for instance hazard lights and windshield wipers.

He will then give you detailed instructions about the test and information about the route you are going to drive on. He will check all the required driving skills during the Calgary Driving Test like speed limits in school or playground zone, Parallel Park, Hill Park, lane change, and managing controlled and uncontrolled intersections etc.

You should bring your Learner’s licence and wear comfortable clothes during the test. The examiner will give you ample instructions in advance during the test. The examiners are courteous and professional and will involve you in relevant discussions only.

At the end of the test, he will handle you a checklist where you can see your result. If you are well prepared and confident, you will perform in the Driving Test in Calgary. After passing the road test, you can get your license and be free to drive independently.

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