Calgary Driving Course – A Comprehensive Syllabus

Any Calgary driving course core objective is to develop their student’s fundamental driving knowledge and skills that are essentially needed and to enable them to drive safely and confidently on the city or high roads.

All driving courses taught by Alberta Approved driving schools in Calgary like Driving 101 are designed for comprehensive all-around driver training, reinforcement, and development of the student’s driving skills.

We provide a variety of driving courses, including RV driving, defensive driving, demerit reduction courses, winter driving (important for Calgary weather), brush-up lessons, and other customized advanced driving courses, all of which are aimed to improve drivers’ skills and confidence.

Part I of all our driving courses consists of driving theory and knowledge, a curriculum that informs on basic driving concepts, etiquettes, traffic rules and regulations, and the significance of following to safety standards at all times-the attitudinal skill essential for safe driving.

And Part II deals with on-road-behind-the-wheels training of driving students where they are taught anticipation skills and safety maneuvers needed to avoid mishaps/accidents.

We provide driving simulator to our students to practice their abilities, techniques, and maneuvers before they take to the road and negotiate traffic in real life.

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