Eminence of Professional Driving Schools

Driving 101, an Alberta-approved professional driving school in Calgary, trains drivers of all ages, both newcomer and experienced.

Enroll with us and you will not only pass the Alberta Road Test, but you will also experience the magic of becoming a skilled, confident, safe, and responsible driver.

Driving 101 has the best of qualified Alberta-certified driving instructors and their bilingualism and friendly demeanor is something special that the multi-ethnic students of Calgary take an instant liking to.

Our expert driving instructors are supported by cutting-edge driver training infrastructure, which includes a scientifically designed course curriculum and syllabus, a designated training ground for learners, a website for online classes, and the most recent technological driver’s training assets, such as a simulator and cars with dual control capability.

Experienced Driving 101 instructors work out a customized training plan based on the training needs of the students based on their ability and the normal pace of learning. Lessons are paced accordingly.

Professional driving school in Calgary trains drivers for the responsible city and high road driving on all sorts of road and weather conditions. Our theoretical lessons inculcate the values and importance of safe and responsible driving.

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