Ace Your Driving Exam with Absolutely No Difficulty

If you want a sure shot way to pass your driving test in Calgary, the best way to do it is to sign up for a course with Driving 101. Their government approved courses and fool proof teaching methods are aimed at making you a confident driver.

Courses designed especially for a first time driver

While Driving 101 has quite a few courses that you can choose from the ideal one for everyone with a Class 2 Learner’s Permit is the Insurance Reduction (GDL Package). This course offers:

  • 15 hours of classroom instructions by experts
  • 10 hours of on road education driving new and current cars
  • Free point to point pick up and drop offs anywhere in the city during the on road classes
  • A free mock test to help you prepare better for your driving test in Calgary.

Courses truly designed for your convenience

Driving 101 understands that all its students lead busy lives and therefore offers its students 2 options for the classroom sessions. Option one is where you can actually take the classroom sessions physically in the classroom and option two is where you can choose to complete these sessions online. The total price of the course depends on the option you choose. Taking the theory sessions online reduces the price of the course. What’s more is that they currently have a summer offer that makes their courses even cheaper. If you have been thinking about passing your driving test, there is no better time than now.

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