Driving Skill Learning from the Best

Alberta province in Canada ensures that certified driving instructors impart professional driver education. This is a proactive direction which ensures that the course instruction is standardized throughout the area and the quality is of a high standard. In Calgary and Edmonton (Alberta’s highest vehicle registrations are in these two cities) driving instructors must meet general and specific requirements of Alberta Transportation directives.

Among the main requirements is that the instructor at the time of applying for an instructor license has less than seven demerits and zero suspensions for at least two years before the date of application. He or she should have a decent record (ascertained through Criminal Record checks) and have no outstanding fines. To obtain the license, the applicant must have completed the approved course from an Alberta Authorized Driver Training School.

Driving 101 has the best Car Driving Instructor Courses in Calgary and well-known for the quality of its training. Their instructors also possess decades of combined experience in several driving courses in Calgary that train new drivers to veteran drivers who are desirous of learning new regulations via refresher courses. Calgary Defensive Driving Course conducted by Driving 101 is a favorite among trained drivers who hone their skills for driving in high wind and learn to drive on black ice.

Incentives on passing defensive driver training

There is also an added benefit of reducing demerit points when applicants are successful in the defensive driver training program. The exams are not easy as the passing grade requires at least 80% marks in the written test at the end of the program. Three demerits are removed from the driver’s abstract once every two years. Further, the applicant can attempt twice to pass this tough exam. If unsuccessful then the applicant must undergo formal training and review once again.

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